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Customers are looking for you by creating landing pages they’ll be directed to your business website.

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By indicating the success that other people have had with the product or service your landing page is focused on, you help customers to feel more secure in their decision to act.

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Landing pages have a highly dedicated and laser-focused on one goal: conversion

About Us

We are a small business with a big dream. We believe that technology will help your dream reach the moon.

We are a small business ourselves, which is why we understand that you’re working with different budgets, target audiences, and platforms. A comprehensive guide built by Prada probably won’t work for you. It will likely hurt you more. We’re here to help you find the right tools so that you can save time, reach more people, and make better marketing decisions.

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We’ll continue to support and help your businesses as you’re ready to make your big dreams happen.

Experiences and Talented

Our experienced, innovative, and talented team takes pride in ensuring high customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

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During this time, many MSMEs decided to keep managing the business manually to reduce the cost, even though they knew technology was essential. Not all website builders are expensive! We are one of them.



Landing Page Designer Bali

Straightforward, Pay only what you need.


300 ribu/year
  • Landing page from template design to choose from
  • free domain URL (yourbusiness.baliritel.com)
  • Responsive and Seo friendly
  • Fast loading website
  • Chat to WhatsApps integration
  • 24/7 Support and maintenance


2,5 Juta/year

2 Juta/year

Annual extension 1,5 Juta
  • All features on starter and start-up pack
  • 500MB space for images & files
  • Admin area. You can make changes
  • FB pixel setup
  • Google analytics setup
  • Google maps+MyBusiness setup
  • Google page 1 optimization
  • Copywriting guidelines
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


1 Juta/year

Annual extension 750K
  • All features on the starter pack
  • Google maps setup
  • Free hosting and domain name (.my.id) with 1 professional email
  • Free security SSL
  • 250Mb space for images & files
  • Elegant design
  • Video tutorial

Great presentation and portfolio, would recommend to any of my colleagues and friends.  

Roxana-Maria Grigore

CEO, Masterswhocare


BTS Carwarping

A website from a small shop for car wrap specialists based in The Netherland. 



(W)ONEfashion is an online shopping website dedicated to building women’s confidence through their own personal choice of style



Massagecentrum Enschede website equipped with a booking system thus, it makes it easier for customers to book them anytime anywhere. 


Do you have a unique business as no one does? then you need to have a website just like this tiny-feng shui-space to rent. A perfect kind of place to unwind and to find inspiration.


Easy steps and efficient. Your website will be ready in 3-7 working days. 

Contact us

we will have a meeting (online or face-to-face). You will brief us in detail about your business and your budget.

DP 50%

Choose your package and design, based on the deal agreement we will sign a contract with details about the project and you will pay 50% of the total agreement as a down payment.

Work in-progress

After the payment and your ID information details (for domain registration purposes). We will start working on your website. The process could take 3-7 working days depends on the complexity of the project


All packages (except starter) deserved 2x revision (only changing typo, pictures, colors) Design template can’t be edited based on the initial agreement. 

Full Payment and website is online

If everything is fixed (no more revision/request). You’ll pay the rest of the payment, we will give you all the password detail and your website is online and ready to grab more audiences! No worries we will give you full access to everything.

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